Overview of Steve’s case

  •  On Thursday 11th April Steve Attended a Atos routine interview regarding his Employment Support Allowance (ESA).
  • During this confidential interview the Police were called as Steve allegedly made reference to a third party which was misinterpreted as a threat.
  • Steve was detained by two Police officers who escorted him to the Queens Medical Centre where he was put under observation untill late in the evening, he was assessed by medical staff who could find no reason to detain him.He was kept untill late into the night, offered no contact with his family, and not offered an ‘appropriate adult’.
  • later that night he was rearrested by Police who took him to Bridewell Station Nottingham where he was placed in cells and told he was being charged with ‘threatening behaviour’ and would appear before magistrates on Saturday 13th April.
  • Steve appeared before Magistrates and was remanded to Nottingham Prison and was denied bail, as the Police opposed this, even though relatives agreed to his residence, electronic tagging equipment and strict bail conditions.
  • He is due to appear at Crown Court on 26th April to answer to a charge of threatening behaviour even though no crime has been committed.
  • We are running out of time so need to raise the profile of this miscarriage of justice quickly. please read about steve on the above link and share/like this information as widely as possible while we build a campaign to support him and his family. More ways to help will be added soon so please watch this blog!!

35 thoughts on “Overview of Steve’s case

  1. OMG what is the world coming to there are muders out there walking free making friends with the police and someone tell how they feel and they get looked up i didnt get told the world is like that it makes me sick open your eyes and do u job right

    • I am so sorry ur family is being put through all this. Unfortunately I cannot be there to support u all later today as i live in Glasgow. I truely hope that he is reunited with u all svery very soon and he can rebuild his life. Please can anyone going for one of thesr assesments make sure u take somebody with u into the assesment to be there to witness what is happening.

  2. The authoritarian agencies(thats what they call themselves nowadays) of this country dont really care what we, the public, do to each other.. But the slightest thing done by one of us, the public, to one of them, brings them crashing down on you..As Mr. Topley, & many others in recent years, have found out to their cost….

    Mr. Topley is being victimised for that reason, all part of their agenda to make the public more fearful of questioning their ever increasing authoritarian practices.. He,s in CUSTODY although he,s committed NO CRIME…. DISGUSTING!!

    @Jenni.. 6 weeks ago I was attacked & stabbed near my home in Hucknall.. As far as I know (because the CID have not given me any information at all & I cant get to speak to the relevant officer about it so far), a male arrested on the night, may or may not be the attacker. If he is, he is still at large, because Im sure (but not certain) I saw him last week. Just as I was typing this, Victim Support rang me.. The only reason they know about the knife attack is because I contacted them.. The Notts Police/CID didnt contact them as they should for victims of violent crime..

    So far, Victim Support havent been able to get any info from the CID either.. What INCOMPETENCE!!.. But very competent at getting your poor Dad into prison- for what? – saying something one of their brainwashed employee pawns didnt like.. Im very sorry for what you & your family are going through, & if I can help in any way, please tell me on here & I,ll give you my email address.. Im also an active member of Notts Indymedia who are going to feature your Dads story on their site..

    • Neil, sorry to hear about your treatment the blank wall of silence is all too familiar here too. thanks so much for your concern and support i will add more details as and when we learn more ourselves…it seems like there is a determination on the part of the police to prosecute him for some reason. first they tried to get him sectioned under the mental health act, and when this didnt work they simply rearrested him and threw a ridiculous charge at him. (theres more to the case i cannot mention at the moment as you will understand) but he’s innocent and the guity are left free to roam about the streets

      • I have suffered at both the hands police and mental health act for nothing also.
        1. My benefits were sanctioned for refusing to work for nothing.
        2. After months with no money and not being allowed to sign back on for jsa
        I went to the job centre sat down on a chair and refused to move until they
        re-instated my benefit, I was removed by police and locked in a cell all day
        then told to walk 3 mile home – no charges as I had done nothing.
        3 Because they could not criminally charge me with anything they sent the housing association after me for rent arrears (I did not owe as still entitled to housing benefit even though my jsa had stopped)
        4. The housing association which is still attached to council called in the mental health team to have me detained under the mental health act under the guise I must be insane for leaving myself open to eviction due to rent arrears.
        5 I was locked up for 3 months with still no income and bills piling up, this was in 2008 since then they have pulled the same trick on me again in 2010 and in 2011 they detained me again because I refused to take their debilitating drugs, especially as I was not mentally ill on any of the 3 internments.
        6. This country is full of bent, lying civil servants – power hungry control freak politicians – brutal police force(a ukip style police state) and no accountability or redress from the legal system.

    • Andy ill get back to you with this info asap i’m speaking with steve’s sister today and she will confirm with him. its been hard to get any contact with him at all HMP Nottingham have moved him from C to G wing today and his phone credit seems to last about a minute but he’s getting money now to buy more credit. thanks for your interest and support

  3. @skank77.. Thanks for your concern about my case.. With regard to Mr. Topley, the “determination on the part of the police to prosecute him” is an ideal opportunity for them (& possibly certain other higher authoritarian/political leaders) to use him as a scapegoat.. With the sole purpose of deterring other disabled & ill people from any verbal protest in the ATOS premises.. Or anywhere else either….
    As a matter of interest, ATOS are a private (French I think?) company who are being paid a vast amount of money by OUR government.. Their instruction (from OUR government) is to class as many disabled/ill people as possible as fit for work, using whatever criteria these NON medical people have decided on…. All those “fit for work” will then be paid Jobseekers Allowance, as opposed to their previous benefits, & that will save a lot of money.. It will result in a rise in the number of unemployed obviously, but OUR governments have never cared (& dont care), about that.. They just pretend to care..
    It will also help towards always being able to find £millions or £billions for all the important things like Margaret Thatchers` funeral, Royal Weddings/Anniversaries/Events/Trips/, MPs` expenses/2nd homes etc, obscene salaries & luxury offices for all hierarchy.. I could go on-& on-& on.. Not forgetting the next war we join America in, after they instigate &/or start it…. & keeping our 80+ military bases running of course..
    No wonder they always victimise people like Mr. Topley, the disabled/ill, & several other vulnerable groups.. Theyve got to distract people as much as they can, from what they do themselves…. Anyway, thats why Mr. Topley is IN CUSTODY…… Whilst the person who attacked & stabbed me 6 weeks ago is FREE, as far as I know (Ive NOT being given any information by the Notts CID)..

  4. Hi.this is a friend of of Steve is he ok? Heard a Something had happened not heard anything from him for a while. Could some one let me know if he is ok!! Please

  5. Would someone involvedin the freestevetopley campaign be interested in doing an interview with us. We have a fortnightly internet radio show called riseup radio http://riseupradio.wordpress.com/ and a monthly newsletter called the Forest Fields Fire. We’d be very keen on spreading the news about what has happened to Steve and ways in which people can support him. You can call us on 07947703265 or email us at takebackcontrol@riseup.net

  6. Has anyone in Mr. Copleys` family thought of contacting the mainstream media about this?. It only needs one newspaper/radio or tv station to publicise it, & the Police/Court/Authorities would have a few questions to answer I think?…… There was a case last year where 2 disabled people had been arrested at the ATOS office,& charged by the Police.. But the case was eventually DISMISSED.. As this one SHOULD BE TOO..

    • They have been approached Neil but are unwilling at this point to print any viewpoint which they see as prejudicial to the court case because steve is awaiting trial…

  7. Ok skank77.. I wonder if this could help then?…… Ive just read the definition of “Threatening Behaviour” as follows…. The CRIME of INTENTIONALLY or KNOWINGLY putting another person in FEAR of IMMINENT BODILY INJURY…… If you look at the dictionary definition of IMMINENT it means “READY TO HAPPEN”..

    So, if I was Mr. Topleys` solicitor, the 1st question Id want answering is “How & when was Mr. Topley (or anyone else) going to inflict the IMMINENT BODILY INJURY being as it needs to be READY TO HAPPEN to be classed as the crime of Threatening Behaviour”?..

    To put it simply, if a BODILY INJURY wasnt imminent/ready to happen, the (supposed) crime was NOT committed by Mr. Topley…. Case Dismissed M`Lud!!

  8. I was married to steve for several years and at no time did i ever see him raise his hand to another person.I do not believe steve did the thing”s that this person at AtoS has alleged.Steve is always at hand to help anyone that is in need.He is a very loving father to our daughter Jenni.This has become a nightmare,those at fault should be brought to justice themselfs.In my honest opinion,the police and AtoS have made a big cock up and need to invent some form of evidence to throw at him.Please come fri to support an innocent man.

    • I just want to say how sorry I feel for Steve, his family and friends. It is an absolute disgrace. How anyone could be held for threatening behaviour, even if it were true, like this when people who commit serious offences get bail. This stinks to hIgh heaven, no justice and a denial of human rights.

      I just want you to know you will have a massive ammount of support out there, I can’t make the protest but will inform as many people as possible and be there in spirit. With love and kind thoughts, good luck Rachel xxx

  9. What the hell is happening in our country??

    Although difficult to believe for an ordinary person, it doesn’t surprise me that Police are so heavy handed in this case. It wasn’t too long ago that a disabled woman was injured, arrested and later charged for shouting at David Cameron that he had ‘blood on his hands’. Freedom of Speech and peaceful protest are something that is no longer permitted. It’s just terrible.

    As a disabled woman myself, having gone through an ATOS Assessment myself, I can understand very well the frustration one may have undergoing the assessment. You are treated like a liar and cheat, any medical evidence from GPs and Specialists are blatantly disregarded, as if the ATOS Nurses know better!! It’s inhumane and cruel how sick and disabled people are treated in this country.

    I very much hope that he is freed soon, but I cannot help but suspect that he will be charged and convicted of some offence and justice will not prevail. Very sad.

  10. Excuse me, I thought we were living in the twenty first century, the century where the thought police were NOT in action, but obviously I was wrong.

    How a society that is aiming to be classed as a Good Society can treat a vulnerabe person like this, with In Camera hearings amazes me.

    Good luck Steve, may Justice see sense.

  11. Spreading this outrage on Twitter now. Cannot believe he was not offered an appropriate adult. Now ATOS are part of the police state? Un-f***ing believable. 😦

  12. Crown court is normally for serious offences? Someone`s mouth is a lethal weapon?!! This is a sick joke and I fear that Neil Unwin`s analysis of the situation is one of the many steps towards an Orwellian nightmare: the thought crime. Hope this case is dismissed asap and Steve is released. When I go for an ATOS I`m hiring a solicitor to come along, and I`m being interviewed at home.

  13. What the hell happened to human rights. Sounds like the guys been well and truly railroaded. Totally outrageous. What are they covering up. His mental health will have suffered badly because of this. Easy prey,and totally vulnerable, we nee to stand up for his rights. It’s simply not right.

  14. pitiful the way people get treated My atos. They need to be brought to book over the abuse people have received off them, as they hide behind the safety of knowing they can walk away free of blame……..I’m glad we have plenty of lampposts in the UK ( the worm will turn )

  15. It is ludicrous when one thinks of the assistance given to actual criminals and terrorists that Steve Topley has been treated this way- benefits claimants have no rights it would seem. Wake up Britain before it is too late.

  16. Its great to see so many people voicing their support for Mr. Topley.. & also totally aware of the wealth/control obsessed, nasty, vindictive people we have running our country & society.. With their orders administered by the brainwashed authoritarian state employees (like the Police) & the private companies (like ATOS) they choose as overpaid mercenaries…
    All of them steadily increasing their own wealth/control & doing very nicely, thankyou very much to the taxpayers.. We ALL pay 20% VAT on nearly everything we buy by the way, even scrounging OAPs like me, who are “living too long” nowadays apparently..

    • It is not unbelievable what happened to Steve. It is sadly a sign of the times. The meek in society are under attack with a vengeance never seen before.
      These political elitist scum are taking away freedom and rights away from the people they see as irrelevant.
      Welfare cuts = 18 billion pounds. Tax fraud by the elite 300 billion pounds of tax goes unpaid because of off shore havens and creative accountancy!
      I am sure welfare cuts were more important than finding where Cameron and his cohorts are hiding their illegal money!

  17. Already made comment on Facebook but
    It is disgraceful,the way this person has been
    Treated, surely someone should be held responsible !!!

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