wall of silence surrounds closed hearing

Steve’s case is to be discussed in a closed court hearing today Tuesday 23rd April. No member of his family or the public are allowed to attend and his solicitor has had only a very short time to prepare for this hearing, after first being informed that even they would not be allowed to attend! Supporters do not know if this is a bail hearing, who has called for the court hearing, who will be in attendance, or what evidence will be presented against him. Suspicion is mounting that he will continue to be held on remand and his court date will be set back in order for authorities to request further reports about his mental health, and buy time for the police to cobble together some evidence against him that shows he presents some kind of risk. This is a very worrying development and demonstrates the extent to which the prosecution have decided he is already guilty. Family are still concerned for Steve’s health as the prison authorities do not seem to understand the effect all of the stress is having on his heart condition. They are extremely concerned that his medication is not being administered properly,and have still not been allowed to visit him in prison.


6 thoughts on “wall of silence surrounds closed hearing

  1. Again I say to you all my Brother Steve has done nothing other than say how he felt in an interview that was explained as CONFIDENTIAL. He was asking for help to deal with how down he has been feeling about some things going on in his life and having to change from JSA to Sickness Benefit .He truely wants to work but cannot get a job due to his medical conditions, age and being long term unemployed. How is locking him up helping him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I Been a friend of Stevens for years in work and play, and I know he can speak his mind and tell it how it is, but I find all this very hard to believe and understand, Steve may come across a bit differant sometimes but it’s his Personality , what some people don’t see is the fact that he would do any thing for one of he true friends,

  3. Unless it can be PROVED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT (THEIR Law NOT mine) that there was IMMINENT BODILY INJURY to be inflicted on the ATOS employee, the CRIME of “Threatening Behaviour” has NOT been committed…. IMMINENT means “ready to happen” (dictionary definition), so was it?.. NO it wasnt!!..

  4. I have suffered depression 3 times in my life and I am not afraid to speak openly to anyone about it should it be needed from a ‘none’ medically trained perspective to help Steve! Each time it has affected me in a completely different way, Paranoia (I believed everybody disliked me, I was completely and utterly useless)….So sad (a sadness so enormous it consumed me) so I just wanted to go to sleep……………Completely suffocated and having no control of my life!!!
    Going through anyone of these or the many other feelings and insecurities that come with suffering depression and its sadness…you are bound at times to say things or describe things in a very different manner from which the ‘mentally healthy person’ understands…but you try you want them to understand..And sometimes the more you try putting your perspective across the less they seem to get you and it all becomes confused!!!

    I am a well balanced; very happily married hard working woman who occasionally tries too hard to explain what she means because of this illness, that at times blights her life…having suffered depression just once, you start to live your life with a need to explain and over compensate everything you say or do!!!!
    Is this what has happen to Steve, and they just didn’t get him?

  5. @Gina.. Im a member of Nottingham Indymedia, who,ve published an article about Steve.. What is he supposed to have said to be charged with the crime of Threatening Behaviour?.. What were his (supposed) exact words according to the Police & ATOS employee?.. & I wonder if Steve has the same version……………..
    As I said in my previous post, unless that employee was in danger of “imminent bodily injury” from Steve, NO CRIME has been committed..

  6. The site says he has Raynauds (sp) syndrome….how can you be an immediate physical
    Threat ? Try punching someone when your hands are that disabled! This whole situation is sickening and contact the daily mail ( yes that was what I said) as hey are exposing secret courts and took on a case of a state hostage just this week who tried to save her father from sub standard state ‘care’…

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