Secrets and Lies

Steve’s Bail hearing was held in secret yesterday with family and supporters being kept in the dark about the whole proceedings. His solicitor found out about this at the last minute, and it appears sadly that no substantial defence case was mounted due to the limited time available to produce evidence. Steve himself was not asked to appear at the ‘closed’ session to witness his own bail application. Prosecution seem determined to deny him bail at all costs, further criminalising him and presenting him as a risk to society. Those that know him personally know that this is not the case. He has still not been allowed a visitor at HMP Nottingham, the paperwork has just not materialised so far for this to happen. Meanwhile the speed at which the legal system itself has acted to detain and prosecute him is bewildering.

Steve’s solicitor has been informed that his Crown Court appearance on Friday is to be in closed session. This again prevents anyone giving evidence on his behalf, and denies him justice. Those that seek to criminalize him will of course be able to have their say based on only the opinions of ‘professionals’ who must be thoroughly embarrassed at the incompetent mess they have made, and will be seeking to brush the entire episode under the carpet.

Even though we will not be allowed into court supporters and family of Steve will be making our opinions known this Friday as we intend to hold a peaceful protest outside the Court. We call on all those who are aware of his plight to assemble outside the Crown Court Nottingham at 9 am this Friday 26th April to help us to raise media awareness, hand out leaflets, and demonstrate our disgust at the legal process that has allowed this miscarriage of justice to happen. Please spread this call out far and wide, join us on the day if you can. FreeSteveTopley


7 thoughts on “Secrets and Lies

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  2. Why did the Police/Court/Authorities arrange an ADDITIONAL CLOSED hearing YESTERDAY, ONLY 3 days before the one (this Friday 26th) that was ALREADY arranged?.. & is still going ahead…. WHAT was YESTERDAYS` VICTIMISATION for I wonder?..

    • So right Neil and yes as far as we know Friday is still going ahead as a closed Hearing!!!!! Love the Dog by the way.

      • Thanks Gina, my beautiful doggy is named Temps.. Ive just sent a txt to Dave to tell him Ive thought of something that could help Steve.. So Im waiting for a reply from him.. Id like to tell you about it, but I dont want to post it on here where anyone (including Police/Authorities) could see it.. Ive seen your phone nmbr on here somewhere, is it ok to txt you my idea?

  3. I can’t come to the protest (I’m in Wales and can’t travel) but I will be there in spirit; please pass on my thoughts to Steve and his family and the protesters. This is disgusting and shows how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  4. I wish I lived closer to you, yo attend the protest, I live in Essex, I my self are disabled , This is totally an injustice , My heart goes out to you.

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