Rough Justice

Steve was granted bail today at Nottingham Crown Court, at the third application. A massive relief to his family, this move at least ensures he will get medical attention and breaks the cycle of closed ‘in chambers’ rulings that have blighted his case from the start. The Judge on the day appeared to accept that Steve was not a threat to anyone, however the ludicrous charge of ‘threatening to kill’ is still hanging over him. Police have not so far informed the alleged ‘victim’ of any plot against him, and cannot seem to find them, demonstrating how seriously they actually take this. The ‘Threatening to Kill’ offence is an archaic piece of Law dating back to 1860, when presumably this signalled some sort of ‘Duel’ might be in the pipeline. It carries a potential 10 year sentence if convicted.

Steve plead guilty as he was advised that he would not get a custodial sentence if he agreed to this, and would be given a ‘community service order’ and released to a private address instead. He will be under strict bail conditions and report to the probation service, and will now have a criminal record, making it very unlikely he will get a job in the near future. Back to square one then, and a great piece of work by Atos.

He is due to reappear before the Crown Court in 3 weeks for sentencing.


17 thoughts on “Rough Justice

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  3. Hang on a min, advised to plead guilty? didn’t they make that mistake recently with a ex SAS soldier and a gun? That sounds like manipulation to me, I would reconsider my plea !

  4. I am surprised he is facing any charges at all. His Mental Health condition should have been taken into account at the outset. Atos appear to have been unhelpful from the start, and it seems they went ‘out of their way’ to ensure he was arrested.
    If a person has a Mental Health condition, you would expect he would have been seen by experts who can make a proper diagnosis, rather than thrown into a cell.

  5. Just watched your video, & I agree with every word you said.. Even the part “They,re a bunch of f**k*n **nk*rs (or bastards).. Im a 66 yrs old OAP, who worked full-time for 45 years.. Ive watched the hierarchy/leaders/authorities of this country gradually increase their wealth, control, & domination of the ordinary people for the last 34 years since Thatcher & her partners in crime.. The woman was a bloody tyrant!!.. & the parasitic wealth/control obsessed morons who have followed her have just continued with the same disgusting agenda, although not so openly nowadays.. I wouldnt trust any of them in government/authority/ any further than I could throw them.. One word sums up how they operate whenever they decide to – HILLSBOROUGH – 24 years of lies & deceit..

    • Sometimes I just have to rant it all out , I am sick of it, Bunch of pigs in the trough the lot of em, glug glug glug on the free plonk at the commons bar paid for by those who hardly have a penny to scratch their arses with,and yes HILLSBOROUGH sums it all up, peace out my friend….Hunter

  6. Gina, I`m sorry to hear about this case. It stinks to high heaven and the police are very dodgy in many regards. Although it`s easy for me to say this, I have walked this path myself and Steve will not be getting a custodial, thank God. I also read the article in the Guardian ( and it seems like the judge at least had the common sense to see when someone was getting worked up and had not intention of acting on his words.

    This doesn`t offer much comfort, but now ATOS may well have to back off. I`m not sure in Steve`s case if this is applicable as my grounds are very much based on mental health, but please PM me if you have any more dealings with ATOS. I spoke to you last night, and I`ve been thinking about this all day; I am so glad that things did not turn out as bad as they might have and that Steve is now back with his family.

    Best Wishes 🙂

    • As above, i also walked this path, as to the doubters, beleive me and others, that the guilty plea is best in this case, mental health stands for fuck all over the absolutes of The Law. The Court deal in black and whites.
      Now, as for sentencing, You need to get to your health professionals RIGHT NOW and document all illness and disabilities, or steve will be getting community service. If he has proof of infirmaty / inability to work at present, this should go in his favour
      Fingers crossed

  7. @Hunter.. Peace to you too.. The vulnerable people of this country need young people like you to speak for them.. Calling the parasitic hierarchy “pigs in the trough” is an insult to pigs.. But I totally understand & agree with your opinion of them.. They ALL sicken me too.

  8. You are strangers to me yet you’ve been on my mind these last few days. I’m glad Steve is home and in your loving care. I can’t speak on the injustice of it all apart from to say he and you have been wronged badly and my heart goes out to you. Stay strong…much love. C.x

  9. Quite right Pori.. Unfortunately its a VERY SICK joke.. & its not funny for the innocent vulnerable victims (like Steve Topley) of the authoritarian Sociopaths who are running this country/society..

  10. Breaches of Human Rights.

    Freedom from degrading treatment
    The right to liberty
    The right to a fair trial
    The right to respect for private and family life
    Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom to express your beliefs
    Freedom of expression
    The right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights and freedoms
    The right to peaceful enjoyment of your property

    If any of these rights and freedoms are breached, you have a right to an effective solution in law, even if the breach was by someone in authority, such as, for example, a police officer or other official.

  11. @radfax.. Thanks for posting those “Human Rights”.. In my opinion, at least half of those have been “breached”, flouted, ignored etc. by the Police/Court in this case.. Plus, IF (Im only saying IF, incase I get arrested for it) the report from Mr,Topleys` court appearance on Friday is correct – he has been blackmailed into pleading guilty in return for being granted bail.. Blackmail is a CRIME..

  12. A raw deal for Steve. Having had dealings and an apology in writing from Atos I know where you’re coming from and you are not alone. We’re fighting back!

  13. The same thing happened to me back in 2005. I was 19, a non-violent suicidal female.
    The mental health team were the ones pushing the prosecution; mental health services were so poor in that area that they were determined to get me into the criminal justice system so I’d stop asking them for help. They filled my notes with personal insults against me, antagonized and bullied me, and when I cracked, prosecuted me.
    I have trauma symptoms relating to this time, and it destroyed my future to train as a nurse (despite otherwise being an outstanding canditdate – the university’s words, not mine).

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