Steve Topley is a 49 year old man living in Hucknall with no previous convictions for violence, and is a kind and gentle Father, Brother, Parent and Friend. Steve has struggled to find work in recent times due to multiple conditions that affect his employability but he remains positive in outlook and is independent and compassionate. He has a heart replacement valve, and has survived cancer but is minus one of his kidneys due to this. He is on a strict medication regime including warfarin to help stabilise his blood levels, and maintain a safe blood pressure. He suffers from Reynard’s and if cut his body struggles to form clots in his blood.

His treatment so far has been appalling! he has had hardly any communication with his family and his solicitor is passing on his case to another, as yet unnamed, lawyer who is not in contact with his family. The Police and Prison service has been uncooperative and unhelpful in sharing information with concerned relatives, clean clothes and medications have not been passed on to him from his family who are fearful for his physical and emotional well-being. Steve is totally innocent of any crime and it appears the legal system is attempting to criminalize him and deny him his freedom for no reason!!!



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    • I really hope the family are going to get a petition up. As a mental health nurse myself, one that has done assessments for hospitalisation of people, how dare they try to label any person. I too have seen the ‘YOU WILL COMPLY OR ELSE’ syndrome. It is not ethically or morally right.
      This is also happening in the circles of probation etc, as well. I also know of several incidences where injustice has / and still is being done.
      Surely this madness has to stop. I hope he gets released sooner than later.

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    • No he isn’t a bigoted shit stirrer either from what I can tell.
      He is being treated as per the conditions forged in the wake of the July bombings.
      Clowns like you no doubt welcomed that. “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”

      Yeah right, and here we are.
      Justice is universal or else it is not just.

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