It has been pointed out that Steve’s interview was with an employee of the private company Atos and not a Department for Work and Pensions advisor. Apologies for this error, I will ammend all reference to the DWP to Atos forthwith. Atos Healthcare are a trading name of Atos IT, a company the DWP outsource to assess entitlement to benefits and ascertain fitness to work. Staff are not medical proffessionals, and their remit appears to be part of the Government’s agenda to drive receipients of Incapacity Benefits (now Employment and Support Allowance) and Severe Disablement into ‘work’ or onto Job Seekers Allowance. I do not need to mention the vigour with which Atos have carried out this agenda, or the way in which people with disabilities are being treated here, as this has been widely reported elsewhere. It does however raise serious questions about the ability of Atos employees to respond to the needs of clients they perceive as being ‘at risk’, what training is offered to these people in mental health, and the policies and procedures they adopt in dealing with safeguarding, confidentiality and multi-agency referral.

Atos can be contacted at: Atos IT Services Ltd UK,4 Triton Square, regent’s Place, London NW1 3HG.

Also locally at: Atos Healthcare, Summit House, Nottingham, Business Park, Orchard Place, Nottingham NG8 6PX


4 thoughts on “Atos

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  2. Atos assessors are medical professionals- nurses mainly. Mental health might not always be their area of expertise though.

  3. Mental health and any form of health knowledge is non-consequential and irrelevent! ATOS are an evil private organisation. The way they treat claimants is disgusting, immoral and fankly that of Nazis!

  4. “mental health might not always be their area of expertise” you are having a laugh aint you?
    ATOS have admitted they have NO nurses with a psychiatric qualification. They have a strange thing called “mental health champions” which assessors can contact, though no one seems to know exactly what qualifications those mental health champions have.

    What has happened to Steve is atrocious, I hope you have contacted MP Michael Meacher as he would be outraged to hear about this. Complain to everyone you can as they cannot be allowed to get away with behaviour like this.
    The International Commision of Human Rights is now making enquiries about Atos assessments and deaths & suicides after fit to work decisions, would also be in your interest to contact them here :

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