How to Help

Steve Topley is currently imprisoned at; HMP NOTTINGHAM, Perry Road Sherwood NG5 3AG. His prisoner number is A2129CX.

Steve needs to know that he’s not alone and people are aware of his plight. Imagine how frightening it would be to have your liberty taken away and denied bail and put in Prison for something you have not done? Anything that you do can help to highlight Steve’s case and lift his spirits. Even a message of support to his Facebook page will show him that he’s not being forgotten. Read the details of his plight here and spread the information as far and as wide as possible.

There are ways to contact Steve and send donations to him in Prison to make his situation a little more bearable, and show him the outside world is thinking of him. The following web site is really useful; Click on the regimes link and search HMP Nottingham. Theres lots of information here about how to send a donation directly to him, (Postal Order is accepted at Nottingham Prison) his prison number is above.

Also there is an e-mail address for Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) here; Tel: 0115 912 3320   Email:

To raise concerns about Steve’s well-being and health; Prison Healthcare Manager: Margaret Richardson Tel: 0115 8723000

You can contact Steve via e-mail directly by going to it is really easy to sign up for an account, load credit in seconds and send him your message of support! e-mails cost 30p and are delivered in the usual mail and delivered by the prison staff. Again you will need his prisoner number at the top of this section.


11 thoughts on “How to Help

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  2. Thank you for the support so far but those of you yet to join us come on-board now and fight for JUSTICE-FREE STEVE TOPLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A diamond bloke who has done NOTHING other than say how he felt truthfully when he was asked!

    • Gina it’s slinger. How is Steve doing I have lost numbers to contact people . i am coming over to nottingham tomorrow night.

    • I read about his case on a Facebook page called Atos Miracles but haven’t heard anything of this case until today.
      Does he have an official Free Steve type page on Facebook?
      Have you been to your local MP for help?
      Does he have a petition up & running that we can sign to get justice done for him?

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  4. What are some of Steve’s favourite things? I’d like to send him something to occupy his time, if we can of course get it in there to him.

  5. We have been organising in Glasgow against Atos and attacks against the disabled. On our monthly picket today outside the Atos offices in the city centre we showed solidarity with Steven by calling for his immediate release. We give our support to Steven who must be suffering greatly during this time, and condem his perpetrators who must pay for their actions.
    Jessica, Glasgow Against Atos

  6. I came across this story in a blog by a lady with Tourettes Syndrome who also has had to deal with Atos. If it were happening somewhere else the government would be making accusations of human rights infringements. The secrecy with which this was done to Steve if chilling; the latest post says he’s out on bail now – I hope he’s OK.

    You might want to double-check the PALS contact details. With the demise of PCTs on 1st April a lot of PALS services have ceased to be & regional areas have taken over.

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